Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You Don't Laugh, You'll Only Cry.

I've written about Darcy before. I probably didn't mention that she has a very bad habit. And it's not that she sticks things up her nose sometimes. She's only done it twice. But it's genetic. When I was little I did it too. She also draws on things...

*These photos were taken about two years ago. If anyone is wondering about Darcy's turned eye or the patch, it has all been rectified.  Please click here for details.

It was just after breakfast, and I went back into my room to make my bed. I saw this immediately. I think I started having heart palpitations at the exact moment I saw this, and it was my gut reaction to seek out the guilty party and punish them solidly for defacing my property. And then I wanted to cry. These were my favourite sheets. And then I thought about it logically. I had probably left the pen that was used within the reach of a small child. I created the temptation. And then I started to laugh. I found my camera, and started taking photos, just on the off chance that one day I might laugh about this.

And then I disappeared into our ensuite to fetch some cleaning  products or something that might be able to help with this situation. And I saw this. On the wall above the toilet. I think I probably started crying again. But then I pulled out the camera and took more photos.

On the wall to the right of the toilet was this. Some random scrawls, which, in the eye of a small child, could possibly be your family.

And this a little further across the same wall. Becoming familiar with circular patterns.

And on the opposite wall near the toilet paper holder, some better circular patterns. Clearly this wall was done last. Much better technique.

By now I had composed myself enough to call in the two little cherubs who were my suspects. Butter wouldn't melt right?
"Do you two know why I have called you in here?" Olivia: "Because Darcy drew on your bed?" Darcy: (Crying). "I didn't draw on your bed!"

"Are you sure Darcy?"
"OKAY - I did... please don't be angry Mummy."

"I'm not cranky. But this was VERY naughty. Tell me what you did Darcy."
"Well... this is my name..."

Olivia: "No Darcy. That's not real writing. Tell Mum the truth."

"This is when we went to the park." 

"This is when we went to town." (Actually, it looks like a very good heart...)

"And this... I forget what this is."

Olivia:"Tell me about this one again Darcy."

"Mummy - stop taking photos! This isn't funny!"

"No Mummy! STOP IT!"
No means no with this girl.

I did eventually get the pen out of the sheets though. And the pen off the bathroom walls (even if I did lose a layer of paint in the process.) And I got cranky. But I put it into perspective first. They're only material possessions. And they're only children.
 It's not just Darcy though. Olivia has been known to deface property as well. When she was very small she drew in pen on my uncle's new leather lounge. I was devastated. But this is my favourite. It was on the wall of our front verandah. You have to walk past it to get into our house. I knew who was the guilty party as soon as I saw it. "Ol Persse Art" is the giveaway. Darcy couldn't write, and Olivia was learning at the time it was done.

I asked, "Did you do this Olivia?"
To which she replied, "No Mummy. It was Darcy." And then I was more cranky about the lying than the graffiti! I made Olivia help me remove it, and she cried the whole time. She hasn't done it since.

The thing with small children is that they're opportunists. You leave a pen out, they'll draw on your stuff. They don't mean to hurt your feelings. They don't want to cause you extra work. They just want to be children. And I for one am glad of the memories. Here I am two years on, laughing, not crying about it.


  1. Ohhhh Jessie, this is all still a bit too raw for me, but I have stopped crying. My goodness your girls are so adorable!!! What was your secret for getting the pen out of the sheets??

  2. My in-laws have a fantastic book (will have to go look to remember the the name of it), and it has solutions to everything. But I think I washed it in whatever it was, then sprayed stain remover on it, washed it, hung it in the sun and prayed for the best... and it worked. They are still my 'old sheets' now. LOL

  3. Tell her not to include her name if she takes up a career in graffiti!

    Is so true that you have to treat them as kids, they just aren't grownups. Lucky them.


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