Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RB Sellars - The Bush Uniform

This week we received a lovely bunch of goodies from RB Sellars in the mail. This is part of my plan to expand our colour horizons in this house - we'll never rid ourselves of blue... we love it too much.

Olivia and Darcy in Tess Girls Workshirts (in cornflower and pale pink), and Sam in Cox Boys Workshirt in Royal.
We are HUGE RB Sellars fans in this house, and I know I speak on behalf of farming families across Australia when I say that we love their gear because it is absolutely the best. Their workshirts (pictured above) are durable and comfortable. RB Sellars are the unofficial uniform of the bush.

Posers! Straight out of the catalogue! x
CP wearing the mens Heavy Weight Work Shirt in Stone.
The Farmer was all excited when he saw that his new work shirt was
a) stone coloured (it's his favourite after blue), and
b) Heavy Weight - many of his work shirts are the light or medium weight, and he's pretty stoked his heavy duty has arrived in time to see him through the chilly winter months.
That's CP all camoflaged in amongst the sheep.
The reluctant poser. Me in pink. (See previous post for me in blue).
I am wearing the Sandy Half Button Long Sleeved Women's Work Shirt in Hot Pink.
The girls are modelling the Kippa Kids Trackies in Navy.
With side posckets, elastic waist and zips at ankles.
I gotta say. My kids love tracksuits. They spend so much time in jeans, or school uniforms that they love just chilling around the house in tracksuits. Miss 8 even wore hers for three days straight (oh god, please don't judge me) because they were so comfortable and she loved them THAT MUCH! I anticipate these will get a good hammering over the winter months. Luckily they are well made!
Aside from their amazing work gear, RB Sellars also stocks a large variety of other clothes. Check out their webpage (www.rbsellars.com.au) to find:
* Skirts/dresses (for girls and women)
* Jeans and pants
* Dress shirts
* Shorts
* Wet weather gear
* Accessories
* Underwear
SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF at very reasonable prices!
* We were also sent some jeans, but need to fix the sizing. So I have included catalogue pics of what we were sent instead (just so you get the idea).
Boys Kunanurra Jeans.

Mens Wilkinson Jeans, regular leg.

Longreach Stretch Womens Jeans.

I'd love you all to click on ANY of the links to the RB Sellars page for me! The more love they get from this page, the greater the chance of more giveaways down the track! x

* I received RB Sellars clothing in exchange for writing about it.

So now you too can score yourself
one womens workshirt and one mens workshirt
(in the colours and sizes of your choice).
All you need to do is:
1. Leave a comment below (or on my facebook page)
OR to double your entry chances - that's right - the following methods will earn you double entry points...
2.  Share this link on a social networking site (facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.), then post THAT link   
     here so I can see it.
3. Share the link I will have posted on my facebook page on YOUR page, announcing the giveaway, then leave a comment under that post saying that you have 'shared'.
* You can enter as many times as you like, depending on how often you want to share the link around!
Giveaway valued at approx. $80
Giveaway winner (drawn randomly) will be announced on this website on Monday 10th June at 5pm EST (Australia).
Only one winner. Open only to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
Winners will be announced on this page by Tuesday morning at the latest, so make sure you check back then. If the winner hasn't contacted me by Wednesday, I will be doing a redraw.
Judges (my) decision is final.


  1. Love the Photos Jess!!! Super Cute!!! Love RB Sellars too!!
    Fliss x

  2. Love getting the RB Sellars catalogue with hubby's Farm Weekly.

  3. I love RB Sellars. I need a new workshirt. I ripped my favourite pink one fencing yesterday....

    My kids have the padded vests in green and blue they are fantastic!

  4. Love RB Sellers. Love the photo's the kids look so cute

  5. Love RB Sellers. The photo's of the kids are so cute

  6. ohhh gotta love R.B Sellers!!

  7. You and your little models look great in their R B Sellars gear.
    I was only admiring the range in a catalogue that arrived at work a few weeks back.

  8. RBs are a favourite in this household too! Lovely modelling Jess x

  9. We love RB Sellars too, their rugbys and workshirts are great. My kids live in their RB sellars Gear. We were lucky enough to visit their store in Melbourne last year.

  10. Love RB in summer or winter! I'm going to take my RB shirts with me to China in a few weeks! x

  11. We love RB Sellars too! Just because we love to play in the dirt, it doesn't mean we don't like to look classy doing it! :)

  12. Love RB Sellars, thanks for the chance to enter :)

  13. Shared on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jessiehayy/posts/357124047743238

  14. I tweeted https://twitter.com/makeupurmind11/status/343926517337845761

  15. I've never heard of RB Sellars but I love what I've seen here - off to check out their website!

  16. And pinned on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/278660295666213206/

  17. Love RB Sellars! Always enjoy receiving their catalogue and would love to win a couple of shirts!! :)

  18. Love RB Sellars! Always enjoy receiving their catalogue and would love to win a couple of shirts!! :)

  19. Loooove RB Sellars! Hubby flogs his shirts and they stand up to it (except for the odd bit of barbed wire but nothing the sewing machine can't patch!)

  20. Can't wait to try these shirts out on my boys :) oh and Dad to ;)

  21. I love drooling over the RB Sellars catalogue. Definitely could do with some more in this household.

  22. I love drooling over the RB Sellars catalogue. Could definitely do with some more in this household. Especially some nice pice workshirts. :)

  23. I love what RB Sellars has to offer!! My other half gets miles of usage out of the shirts, he's in them everyday. He practically lives in them!! I on the other hand, can't wait to fit back into mine after bub number 2 :-)

  24. I absolutely love what RB Sellars has to offer!! My other half gets miles of usage out the shirts!! He works in them everyday, practically living in them!! I however, can't wait to fit back into mine after bub number 2. Maybe they could look at making a work shirt that you can nurse out of :-)

  25. We are RB Sellars fans in this house as well, I'm wearing one of their work shirts now :). Ruth

  26. I just spent a fortune on RB Sellars just last week. My boys now have workshirts and rugby jumpers, and they absolutely love them!

    I just discovered your blog too through Bessie's. Lovely! :)


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