With the help of my tech guru friend, Lisa, I aim to bring you a new educational or interesting app every month (or just whenever something cool comes up!) for your Idevice.

First cab off the rank is:

1. Spelling Star:

It's Iphone and Ipad friendly, and has quickly become my new favourite educational app.

What I love about it:
  • As a working parent, I find that some days I just don't have the time to sit down and go through spelling words with my kids. This app allows me to enter their spelling words into it every week (you enter the words and speak them in as well) and then the kids 'play' the spelling game. They need to correctly spell all the words three times to earn three stars for the week.
  • It can be personalised for your childs spelling list
  • There are generic lists included too, if you just want some extra practice.
  • The kids think it's a game!
  • It's only 99c! I got mine when it was free, so if you aren't keen to shell out the $$$ if you hang on long enough it might be free again at some point.
Here is the link.

Have fun!

*If you have an app that you use and would recommend, please send me the name or a link to my email address!*

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  1. I was just asking the other day about great educational apps - I don't have an ipad but an android device but seriously thinking of selling it on and getting ipad, to bring in line with the ipads our small school has.


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