Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Akubra

I want to buy an Akubra.

There's something about an Akubra hat. They are distinctly Australian in many respects. In fact, they have (as I learned upon investigation) been associated with Australia since they were first made in 1905. Akubra is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘head covering’. Therefore,

Back in my city days, you would have been hard pressed ever spotting me in any head covering at all. It just didn't 'gel' with my city persona. Very sad given my skin quality and the climate we find ourselves in, in Australia. Country people just seem to 'get' that in order to survive the extreme temperatures the sun can deliver out in these parts, you need to dress appropriately.

 Although worn in many outback areas of Australia, they are increasingly seen on the heads of people from all walks of life.

City girls.

Perfect for hiding a receding hairline.

Even Oprah had one on in her visit to Australia! You can google the image, but I had to remove it from my blog after the media company who took the photo asked me to remove it for 'out of licence use'!!! (I find it amusing they think my little blog is significant enough to warrant an image removal. I will name and shame them later :) )

The hats, which are made of treated rabbit fur, have been worn by Australian soldiers, political leaders and sportspeople. And by farmers. And farmers wives. And by farm kids too.

Years and years ago, CP told me that you can't trust a man in black Akubra hat.
Hmmmmm.... Sorry Lee!

And what about this well known black Akubra? Would you trust this man?

Or maybe CP just said that because he prefers the lighter coloured Akubra?! I have to admit that I haven't really paid that much attention to detail. Maybe someone can enlighten me on the subject?

My kids will be getting their first Akubras by the end of this year. I even bought one for the last nanny we had (as a going away present). I am truly fascinated by them.

 Interestingly, as much as I love them, I don't own one myself. I am almost at the stage where I really should buy one (having lived out here in the bush for over 10 years now). But I am more into hats of this persuasion...

Bright, sunny, pool side accompaniments. :)
I am currently in the business of buying a wardrobe that would befit an Akubra hat. Blue work shirt: check. RM Williams boots: check. The hat will be next. I promise. Even though I said all those years and years ago that it would never, ever, ever happen! Life is funny like that.

PS: Any recommendations or advise about buying my first Akubra?


  1. Try them all on ... lol. If going to be a work hat buy it wearing the hairstyle you would noramlly wear ie pony tail. You can always put foam inside the inner band to make it smaller when hair is down also they shrink over time all that sweat. Oh and the lighter ones a probably cooler ... dark colours attract heat

  2. I'm the same I don't currently own one- I have in the past though, I think I had the Pasoralist, it has a smaller crown and I think brim.
    My kids have several, everyday ones and then pristine competition ones (for their whipcracking) These are kept in a hat case from Sheplers. Definately get a lighter colour, yes black yells untrustworthy and Urban cowboy all over, and they show all the dust. Light ones are harder to keep clean, but we use sticky/duct tape to get most marks out.
    There's one called the traveller which can be squashed and springs back to shape, but I've only seen it in a greeny brown colour, if they make a lighter one, it's the style I'll be after.

  3. 10 years - it's high time, Jessie! I look forward to reading about it.

  4. I have a big black one - you trust me right? ;)
    My fiance Matt always wears the cattleman akubra, in sand. Always.


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