Thursday, January 2, 2014

Is it hot enough for ya?

I'm jumping on the weather bandwagon.

Every man and his dog (in Queensland at least) has something to say about the weather. Everyone is posting about it on social networks. Let's face it... today this WHOLE week has been BLOODY HOT! Driving home from town at 11am this morning, the temperature in my car registered 47 degrees Celsius. I kid you not. But at home, on our trusty verandah thermometer, the best I could get it to read was 46 degree Celcius.


Seriously, it's too hot to even head out to our pool (which is in full sun at this time of day), so we are all hanging out till 4pm, when there will be some shade and we can cool off in the water. And also, how lucky are we that we even have a pool that we can cool off in?

Counting down the seconds until we are back in the pool...

Normally I'd put the sprinkler on in the shade, except that because it's a hot AND an awful drought, we have decided to let the sheep into our house yard to get as much grass, water and shade as they can. And we don't want to disturb them now that they have made themselves at home...

And so we are all locked inside, watching movies and playing 'The Game Of Life'. And face-stalking.

And that's the thing about the weather. It does whatever it's going to do, and we can't change it. We can just hope and pray for rain and cooler weather as soon as possible.

How are you dealing with the weather at your place at the moment?