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This is the edited version of my Never Fail Scones recipe.

I posted a simple recipe but after it went viral, I figured this version was necessary given the large variety of people who wanted to use it. x Very tongue-in-cheek!

(and by never fail, I mean, depending on where you're from, what ingredients you use, how heavy handed you are or how hot your oven is - they STILL may fail scones). Also these are called Biscuits in the USA.

Note: Originally intended for Australian audiences, these have taken the world by storm. And after reading through thousands upon thousands of comments, here is the amended version.


4 cups self raising flour. Also known as all purpose flour in some parts, as long as you add a dash of baking soda per cup. No need to sift, but do it if it makes you happy. I have no idea if it works with gluten free flour, or you can substitute flour with chia seeds or whatever else you want to substitute it with. Also, some people have said 3 cups. And aside from telling you that a cup =250ml I can't really help you. So do what pleases you. Beyond that I really can't help you.

300ml of thickened cream. Again, in some parts of the world this is single cream. A simple google search told me that. I have no idea if it's exactly the same as thickened cream though. Also, I have posted a 600ml bottle in the picture. I measured out 300ml. I'm clever like that. Other people don't use cream. They use milk and butter - the traditional way - and have no troubles, unlike me. I don't know what you would substitute it for if you were allergic to dairy. And I don't know what quark is sorry, but I'm sure fromage frais would be fine. Maybe.

1 can lemonade. In Australia a can is 375ml. Again, I measured it out of a bigger bottle (that's all I had at home). To be honest, I probably used closer to 300ml, but it really doesn't matter. In the USA, lemonade is more like 7UP. It's a fizzy drink. I think the fizz helps keep it airy and light, but as I'm a home cook and not a food technologist, I can't be certain. Some people use coca cola, creaming soda or soda water. Add whatever you like. I just showed you what I use.

You can also add sultanas, dates or anything else. Play with the recipe, and read through the comments to see if anyone else has some good suggestions.


Preheat oven to a moderate temp. I set my fan forced gas oven to 180 degrees c. Not sure what that is in America.

1. Place flour into a bowl and make a well.

2. Add cream and lemonade to the well. Mix until combined. Don't mix too much as a heavy hand will make your scones rock hard. Don't knead. The less handling the better. Just look at it and will it to mix if you can. That hasn't worked out for me yet though.

3. Press dough out with your hands. If it's too sticky, add a little more flour. Keep it thick enough that it's about the height of a scone cutter. If you don't have a scone cutter, a champagne glass is fine. Or cut into squares.

4. Place into a baking tray. Place close but not too close to other scones. Perhaps the sides on the tray will help it rise higher. I don't know. Get a food brush and dip it in milk and brush the tops of the scones. This helps it brown nicely. Other people use eggs, so do what makes you happy.

5. Bake in an oven that is already hot (apparently this is super important) until slightly browned on top. It could be between 10-30 minutes. Apparently.

6. When you remove from oven you could rub some butter over the top for extra shine, but they are yummiest warm.

Also... I have no idea how this became a post on Baloney or Devon. I won't be translating it to Dutch (google translate can do that). This is a recipe I use. Take it or leave it. Play with it at home. Do what you want to do. This is just one way to do it.

Finally serve with whatever pleases you. Apparently there are variations on traditional serving options. I like mine with jam then cream. But since no one has ever been arrested for doing it the other way around, knock your socks off!

Some of you will love this. Others (even though your mother recommended it) still won't like it. That's okay. It's really not for everyone.

ENJOY! (Or don't, whatever).

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