Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Easy Fried Rice



1. 3 cups of previously prepared cooked rice. Best left overnight or can still use immediately (like I did). I used medium grain rice but honestly, just use whatever....

2. 2 tbsp sesame oil. You can probably substitute it, but I like the taste in fried rice.

3. 1 onion.

4. 1 cup of peas and carrots. Or add capsicum or whatever you like.

5. 3 tbsp soy sauce or more or less to taste. I actually use more.

6. 2 eggs lightly beaten.

7. Shallots. (To taste).

8. Bacon (as much as you like to add).

You can also add chicken or prawns or whatever to this as well.


1. Heat wok or pan with oil and add chopped onion and bacon and cook until tender. Add veges and cook until they are tender too.

2. I move the veges and bacon mix to one side and make an egg omelette on the other side of the pan. Then I cut it into strips and mix the egg with the other bacon and veges I previously cooked.

3. Then I add the rice and soy sauce and shallots (and any other extras you would add now). Stir and fry until ready.


This is a super easy recipe and a great way to use left over rice and other ingredients as well.

Season for Celebrations!

It’s The Celebration Season!

It’s November! And hallelujah, because the birthday season is upon us here on the farm. And by us, I mean Mr 7 and myself. So I suppose it’s not really a ‘birthday season’ as such, but rather a busy time of year where all sorts of celebrations are upon us, and as such, I occasionally feel like my birthday celebrations drag out for a few weeks at a time.

Last week was Halloween. We don’t celebrate it here on the farm, mostly because the logistics of it are a nightmare unto themselves. The scariest part of trick or treating would be the good hour or more spent driving around in the pathetic bid to trap the nearest five unsuspecting families into handing over their goodies. And given where we live, I’m assuming by ‘goodies’ we would be receiving scones or biscuits left in waiting for uninvited guests. And the cost of fuel itself would actually be the most horrific part of this freakish event. Instead we headed to a Halloween themed Disco for the kids. Much less scary for mummy.

This week Mr 6 turned 7. I pride myself on making my children birthday cakes that are fun and interesting. This is a tradition passed onto me from my own mother. This year there was a request for an ‘army’ themed ‘camouflage cake’.
The finished product!
After the original one stuck to the pan it was so camouflaged it didn’t even look like a cake. It didn’t stop me though. The second attempt was much better, and now we have a camouflaged cake AND trifle.

This week was also the Melbourne Cup. I was working, though my colleagues still managed to put on quite a lunch, and we all dressed up which is always fun!

Next week it’s my birthday. The Farmer isn’t big on birthdays, and that hasn’t really stopped me from celebrating in the past, but this year it doesn’t matter. Next week we are heading to the city to see a concert with some friends, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

After that it seems that the end of year celebrations all start to kick off with a vengeance. Work break up parties, club events, school presentations and *gasp* Christmas gatherings all start to snowball.

I do love a good celebration though. Any excuse will do. I’m off to dust off my heels and straighten out my party frocks.

What events do you have on the horizon? Let me know on facebook!