Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting My Country On!

Country music has been known to bring on headaches in me. It's a widely known fact that I would rather listen to no music than to country and western! I don't go much on the whole 'my cat died, and my wife left me, and my girlfriend stole my car, sexy tractor' thing that country music has going on, but today the strangest thing happened.

I was watching the new 'Footloose' movie (which I've already seen about 357 times) and when it got to the part where the main characters go to a bar (and end up line dancing to 'Fake ID' , by Big and Rich), it was like a switch flicked inside of me. Suddenly I found myself singing along, tapping my feet, and (tragically) trying to learn the dance.

And then it occured to me...


(Well not all country music, but apparently modern American country music!) It's a start. Before you know it, I'll be wearing an Akubra, and line dancing with the best of them. But can someone tell me why cool country songs still need to have dodgy lyrics?

And now I am obsessed with trying to get this dance down. So this weekend I am devoting to doing this... (click here to see how tragic I really am).

This is how I think I look when I dance...

This is probably more like how I really look...

I suppose the main thing is that I can cross another thing that I swore would NEVER EVER EVER happen off my list. Now all I need is an Akubra. Seriously... why do I still not have one? And how excited am I to finally have my country on?! At least a little bit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We are shearing at home at the moment, so I took my new camera (Sony NEX5N) out to take some pictures. I thought I would share some for those of you who may not have seen it before (or who may want to look anyway!)
Click on images to see them enlarged.

Merino sheep in the pens waiting to have their fleece removed.

Close up - smile girls!

Oh yeah - female shearer! There is no way I could ever attempt this, so I take my hat off to her!

Click go the shears... The little things around their waists are support for their backs.

The wool being sorted.

The pens where sheep gather after being shorn. Then they move from here into the race below.

The race, where sheep are drenched etc. CP in there 'keeping Australia running.'

The shearing shed.
Ahhh... another day, another blister!