Monday, May 13, 2013

New Zealand - Aotearoa

Last week my sister got married in New Zealand.

In this church at Lake Tekapo.

I have had a thing for Kiwi guys, so it's a miracle I didn't try to hook up with one on the plane really, or at the wedding. Having your husband with you does tend to slow that kind of behaviour down a bit, and it HAS been a good 13 years since I was even 'on the market' so I'm probably out of the pick up loop anyway...

WAIT. I love my husband. I have no intention of hooking up with anyone else.

Plus look how cute we all are? Love my little family!

What was I supposed to be telling you about?...Oh yes! My sister...

She married a Kiwi, and so we all flew over to New Zealand to help them celebrate.

Last year my brother got married in Las Vegas, but this time we took the kids with us, so it was a different (but equally amazing) type of holiday.

I was a bridesmaid this time too.

Thought I would share some holiday highlights with you. Enjoy!

Looking out over Lake Tekapo.
The maze at Wanaka.
Hanging out at Skyline above Queenstown.
The Hermitage - Mt Cook Aoraki
Christchurch - post earthquake.

PS. As a side point. With our hair and makeup done the same, look how similar we are. Weird... this must be how having a twin feels!