Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gypsy and The Working Dogs

It's been a bit quiet out here on the blogging front lately, but that's because we have a massive distraction.

Introducing Gypsy.

She's the new baby in these parts, and we are all in love with her. (Even the Farmer - who will acknowledge that she is a bit cute).

She's playful too. And a bit of a princess.

She is our first non-working dog. (Pretty sure she'll want to be a working dog though, once she sees what the other dogs get up to).

Gypsy joins these guys on the farm. These are our 'working dogs'. Some of them are nearing retirement, some of them are only pups who are still learning the ropes, and others are the heart and soul of the farm. They are the hardest working creatures around at shearing. Some of them are better in the paddock, and some of them are better 'yard workers'. All of them have very different personalities. They all have their own strengths. Some of them belong to The Farmer and I, and others belong to The Farmer's parents.

I'm off again to spend some more time with my new baby girl! x