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Congratulations Amber B! You need to get in touch to claim your prize!

HICKORY HILL HOME - $150 voucher

If you would like to register for their newsletter (go to their homepage at you can go into the draw to win a $150 voucher to spend on ANYTHING you want in their store! Sounds great and I am totally devastated that I can't enter!

To be eligible to enter the $150 voucher giveaway, all you need to do is:

1. Head over to Hickory Hill Home and go to the homepage, where you will need to register for their newsletter.

2. Leave a message here (in the comments) to let me know that you have registered. You will need to leave your real name in my comments as well (so we can cross reference registrations). *

* If you can't leave a message here, pop over to my facebook page and send me a message to let me know!

That's it! In two weeks I will contact the randomly selected winner to pass on the $150 voucher! EASY!

Good luck! (And seriously - those winter pajamas are AMAZING! Just saying...)

Judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into. Competition closes Thursday 22nd August, at 8pm EST. Competition open only to Australian residents.

 (ENDED) RB Sellars Giveaway - June 2013
Congratulations to 'Lisa'!

This week we received a lovely bunch of goodies from RB Sellars in the mail. This is part of my plan to expand our colour horizons in this house - we'll never rid ourselves of blue... we love it too much.

Olivia and Darcy in Tess Girls Workshirts (in cornflower and pale pink), and Sam in Cox Boys Workshirt in Royal.
We are HUGE RB Sellars fans in this house, and I know I speak on behalf of farming families across Australia when I say that we love their gear because it is absolutely the best. Their workshirts (pictured above) are durable and comfortable. RB Sellars are the unofficial uniform of the bush.

Posers! Straight out of the catalogue! x

CP wearing the mens Heavy Weight Work Shirt in Stone.
The Farmer was all excited when he saw that his new work shirt was
a) stone coloured (it's his favourite after blue), and
b) Heavy Weight - many of his work shirts are the light or medium weight, and he's pretty stoked his heavy duty has arrived in time to see him through the chilly winter months.

That's CP all camoflaged in amongst the sheep.

The reluctant poser. Me in pink. (See previous post for me in blue).

I am wearing the Sandy Half Button Long Sleeved Women's Work Shirt in Hot Pink.

The girls are modelling the Kippa Kids Trackies in Navy.

With side posckets, elastic waist and zips at ankles.

I gotta say. My kids laugh tracksuits. They spend so much time in jeans, or school uniforms that they love just chilling around the house in tracksuits. Miss 8 even wore hers for three days straight (oh god, please don't judge me) because they were so comfortable and she loved them THAT MUCH! I anticipate these will get a good hammering over the winter months. Luckily they are well made!

Aside from their amazing work gear, RB Sellars also stocks a large variety of other clothes. Check out their webpage ( to find:
* Skirts/dresses (for girls and women)
* Jeans and pants
* Dress shirts
* Shorts
* Wet weather gear
* Accessories
* Underwear

SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF at very reasonable prices!

* We were also sent some jeans, but need to fix the sizing. So I have included catalogue pics of what we were sent instead (just so you get the idea).

Boys Kunanurra Jeans.

Mens Wilkinson Jeans, regular leg.

Longreach Stretch Womens Jeans.

I'd love you all to click on ANY of the links to the RB Sellars page for me! The more love they get from this page, the greater the chance of more giveaways down the track! x

* I received RB Sellars clothing in exchange for writing about it.

So now you too can score yourself
one womens workshirt and one mens workshirt
(in the colours and sizes of your choice).
All you need to do is:
1. Leave a comment below (or on my facebook page)
OR to double your entry chances - that's right - the following methods will earn you double entry points...
2. Share this link on a social networking site (facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.), then post THAT link
here so I can see it.
3. Share the link I will have posted on my facebook page on YOUR page, announcing the giveaway, then leave a comment under that post saying that you have 'shared'.
* You can enter as many times as you like, depending on how often you want to share the link around!
Giveaway valued at approx. $80
Giveaway winner will be announced on this website on Monday 10th June at 5pm EST (Australia).
Only one winner. Open only to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
Winners will be announced on this page by Tuesday morning at the latest, so make sure you check back then. If the winner hasn't contacted me by Wednesday, I will be doing a redraw.
Judges (my) decision is final.


(Giveaway over)


I'm not a Cider reviewer at all. My only qualifications are limited mostly to small children and writing. Having said that, I believe that also puts me in a great position to be able to write a review on an alcoholic beverage. I have a lot of experience when it comes to drinking alcohol. I'm also a marketers dream, and am a sucker for product placement and labelling. But as an average Joe in the world of Cider drinking, I think that makes me the same as most of you. I'm just like you.

I was recently flicking through Instagram when I stumbled across a picture of a pink bottle of cider. I had never heard of this beverage before, let alone set eyes on its external beauty. In all honesty, I'm not a huge cider drinker - bar those years at university where I consumed far more Strongbow than was necessary, simply because it was pretty much all that I could afford. At Christmas I sampled some pear cider and was pleasantly surprised at the sweet goodness that it offered. And then the pink bottle I was now presented with lured me in with promises of its delicious goodness too. The cider I am talking about is a Dcider.

Say hello to my new little pink friend!

It promises 'red juicy goodness' amongst other (pretty witty) things. I was not disappointed.

I took my first bottle out to the pool and found it to be sweet and refreshing, leaving a nice, creamy, after taste. It's a light coloured cider, (if you can be bothered drinking it out of the cute little bottle) and it didn't disappoint.

I made my way through the next couple surprisingly quickly.

And then there was the Hen's Party. I took along a few samplers to see what other people thought.


Win again!
And it was a winner!

If it's apple cider that you're chasing, then it's apple cider that you get. As a fan of sweet alcoholic beverages, Dcider is the perfect way to ease your way into the cider market if you're not already a huge cider drinker specifically. Even hardened cider fans would agree that Dcider is well placed in the boutique cider beverages market.

Sadly, Dcider is currently only available in a handful of locations around Sydney, NSW and Melbourne (this is expanding rapidly and could be different by the time of print) however their online store is well stocked, and ready to deliver around Australia - heck they even found me, and I am well and truly out of the way.

Still not sure if you're a cider drinker? How about you try it and let it be the Dcider!

So Dcider have been kind enough to offer readers of my blog a special offer. Until the end of April if you would like to purchase some Dcider online, please use the following code (listed at the end of this blog) to get a 15% discount on your purchase AND free delivery! (And please feel free to click on any other links on this page to check out more news about their product and origins.)

PS: If you want a real (read 'qualified') review of this product, you can check the Dcider web page, or even head over here, or even here.

Producer: Eling Forrest Winery

Country: Australia (specifically NSW)

Alcohol: 4.5%

Instagram: @dcider


Because the team at Dcider are so awesome, they are offering readers of my blog a special deal. Head on over to their web page and enter the following code at the Checkout when making an order, to receive free delivery and 15% off your purchase!

CODE: "thefarmerhasawife"

BACK TO SCHOOL! (And a Giveaway!) ENDED!

Congratulations Crystal!

Want to win a $50 Stuck On You voucher for all your Back To School needs?

I was given a bunch of awesome things by Stuck on You to review, but the good news is that I actually use this stuff anyway, and I have something to give away to one lucky reader too!

I love school holidays!

Yes, there are fights, and more fights, and DEAR LORD WHY CAN'T YOU KIDS JUST GET ALONG ALREADY???!!! But holidays also mean that I don't have to pack lunches every day, bed times are flexible, and I get to hang out more with my kids, and see where they're at and how they are growing from little people into big people. Plus they live in their swimmers/togs bathers (depending on where you live) so the holiday clothes washing is minimal... (except for CPs washing, but that's another blog).

But there are only a few more weeks of holidays left, and now I am faced with the sad prospect of having to cover books and label... well, EVERYTHING!!!! Because as anyone with kids knows, if you don't have your name on it, you'll never see it again once your kids enter the school gates, and then the school will call you and ask you to replace all your missing items.... *sigh*

Regardless, I am still faced with the prospect of
BACK TO SCHOOL craziness, no matter how hard I resist it...

Every year (without fail) I invest in some
Stuck on You products. Mostly I just go with the Family Value Pack, and a few extras, but over the last few years, their products have expanded to include some really awesome new things.

How about these:

(Kids) Art Smocks and Aprons - labelled! How cute?

My number two child loves her art, but two of her uniforms were permanently ruined by 'unremovable paint' last year? This year I am prepared! Bring on art!

Creativity never looked so cute!And cooking! My eldest is going to have a blast in this apron, and she already feels very special having her name on it. No fights over who owns these! These babies are seriously durable, and will see my kids through any adventure in the kitchen or art room. I'm so excited about them it's not funny!

Mini Pencil/Name Labels - for clothes, books, pencils, pens, shoes, lunchboxes, drink bottles, hats, bags... YOU NAME IT! Stuck on You have thought of everything! I am obsessed. If something in this house sits still for long enough, I'll be sure to label it. And I sure as heck fire will be getting all of our belongings back at the end of the year at this rate! The FAMILY PACK consists of school, clothing and shoe labels. I usually get one of these every year!

3. Bag tags - See the green backhoe above centre? So cute! Say no more... My little fella is proud as punch of his bag tag!

Given my domestically challenged personality, the good news is that if I can affix these labels and what not, then you will have no trouble whatsoever! Easy peasy!

And really, how cute are
Stuck on You designs? You can personalise them for your own children.

Did you know that
Stuck on You also sell a range of other cool things including (but not limited to):
* Towels and bags
* Lunch boxes, drink bottles and other school paraphernalia
* Calendars and diaries
* Household items like laundry bags and clothing
* Embroidery on items (like cushions, towels etc).
* Stationery and invitations
* Photo books
* Gift ideas
* Puzzles!

I highly recommend going and checking out the page. In fact you can find them at any of these social media links, where you can also score great giveaways and discounts!

Google+ - Okey.

One lucky reader will score a $50 Stuck on You voucher to spend on whatever goodies they like! All you need to do is tell me your favourite Stuck on You product either in the comments below, or on my facebook page. And don't worry if you are already organised and have stocked up on labels! They make great gifts or you can save them for next year!

Giveaway Conditions

1. Judges decision is final. Winner will be drawn randomly.
2. Giveaway closes Sunday 9am EST. 20/01/13.
3. Competition only open to residents of Australia.
4. You will need to check back on here or on my facebook page on Sunday to see if you are a winner, and if you don't get back to me by Monday morning, I will do a redraw.

*Disclaimer - this is a gifted post*


WINNERS HAVE BEEN DRAWN!!!! Scroll down to the DVDs listed below to see if your name (in RED) is below them. If you are a lucky recipient, please email me (contact details are on the 'contact me' page) your postal address!

Looking for some Christmas Stocking fillers?! The good people at Roadshow Entertainment have sent these out to me to give to a bunch of lucky blog followers!
I have:
All here in my hot little hands, ready to get to you before Christmas!
  • 5 x  ABC For Kids Christmas DVDs
  • (Includes Thomas and Friends, Guess How Much I Love You, Bananas In Pyjamas, Grandpa in my Packet, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Little Princess). A fantastic mixture of shows to keep your kids occupied for hours - while you indulge in a spot of binge cleaning before all your Christmas guests arrive!
  • Congratulations to:
* Narelle Andrews
* Crystal Bard
* Claire Mott
* Regina Stone
* Trina Bassula

  • 5 x Yo Gabba Gabba Live DVDs
  • (Just like the TV show, but in live concert, and with loads of celebs for you to laugh at!) I love this DVD because it keeps my kids busy while we are hiding inside with this 40 + degree weather!
  • Congratulations to:
  • * Megan Miller
  • * Sheena Grey
  • * Justine Woodcock Shera
  • * Hannah Kerr
  • * Kylea Norman

  • 5 x Friends With Kids DVDs
  • A funny tale of a close circle of friends whose lives change once they have kids (I mean seriously, whose lives DON'T change - you will all relate to this if you have kids - and even if you don't, but have friends who do). The last two singles in the group wonder if there is a better way at 'making it work', after watching the 'mistakes' they perceive their friends to be making. They decide to have a baby together  and make an unconventional family... lots of laughs!Congratulations to:
* Lisa Foster
* Mary Jordan
* Libby Egan
* Tara Watts
* Kerry McKinnon

All to give away to 15 lucky readers!
All you need to do is pop over to my facebook page to comment (or leave a comment on my latest blog - which is unrelated to this competition) stating which DVD you would like to receive and why.
Conditions of Entry:

1. Competition closes 5pm 7th December 2012.
2. One entry per person. Winners will be selected randomly.
3. Judges (me) decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.
4. Competition only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
5. Winners will be announced on the blog on 8th December 2012. You need to make sure you check back here, because facebook rules prohibit me from announcing you there. (Or make sure you 'like' my facebook page so that you receive updates on the winners).



Having just spent almost three weeks away from my hubby and 2/3 of my children (I took one to Brisbane to have her tonsills and adenoids removed), I had a fair bit of time to think about how much I actually missed my little family, and how lucky I was to have them in my lives. (Being away from all the noise, fighting, tears and tantrums helps with perspective).

I also put a call out
on my facebook page for 'girly' movies to watch to help pass the time. I ended up watching 'The Lucky One' (starring Zac Efron - *sigh*), from the author of 'The Notebook'. It ticked all the right boxes: sad, romantic, girly.

And it's awesome. But I am biased, because I love Zac Efron. Does that make me a wannabe cradle snatcher? Or is her older than that now? Essentially it's the story of a US Marine who goes in search of the unknown woman whose photo he believes was his good luck charm during his 3 tours of duty in Iraq. Wahhh!

I am, in conjunction with
Roadshow Entertainment, giving away copies of 'The Lucky One' DVD to 3 lucky entrants! (One for every week I was away from my loved ones!)

All you need to do is pop over to my facebook page and leave me a comment stating your favourite 'girly movie' - I'll file it away for the next rainy day! It's that easy!

PS. I had this blog post written up a while ago, and coincidentally today is now Melbourne Cup Day (a big horse race in Australia). I put a few bets on and as it turns out, I am not so 'lucky' after all. Blessed maybe, but not lucky, to still have all those special people in my life!!!

Conditions of Entry:

1. Competition closes 5pm 10th November 2012.
2. One entry per person. Winners will be selected randomly.
3. Judges (me) decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.
4. Competition only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
5. Winners will be announced on the blog on 10th November 2012.


(Giveaway CLOSED!)

Congrats to our 3 winners who have all been notified, and are listed on my facebook page!