Friday, September 10, 2010

The City Break

City Break: (noun) A short vacation spent or based in a city. Recreational activity. : Encarta.

This definition suggests something FUN right?

When hubby and I were dating I was still very much caught between my city and country lives, and as such, found myself heading back to the city at every opportunity I could. Not wanting to sacrifice time with me (and why would he?... With a male/female ratio of 10:1 in this district, even the thought of having located a potential wife would frighten any right-minded farmer into pulling out all tricks in order to secure a bride. Especially one with all her teeth, and no immediate family in the district), CP used to accompany me on these 'city breaks' every so often.

The city breaks in that initial (romantic) stage of our courtship often involved long walks on the beach, hikes through the mountains, dinners, parties, shopping - you name it, we did it! I was lulled into a false sense of security. If things were this good between us now on these city breaks, surely (like all other aspects of our relationship) they would only get better after we were married and fully committed to one another!

Flash forward 8 years...

City Break: (noun) A short period of time you will spend in the city with your farmer, where he will think constantly (and only) about the farm in his absence, and insist upon doing jobs for the farm for the duration. This period in time will also test your commitment to one another, as you watch your farmer suffer from an intense case of cabin fever, throughout which, your farmer will come to blows with your family, friends and specialists. They involve no (or limited) recreational activity, and a surplus of stress. You will need a break to recover from your city break when you get home.

Those are the facts. Cold and hard.

But don't worry too much. The idea of a city break can still exist in its original state. You just have to do it (mostly) without your farmer. Earlier this year I went on a city break with a farmers wife friend of mine. Excellent idea. Involves lots of food, wine, shopping and movies. All the staples. 

I'm also not suggesting entirely that you can't have a city break in its original form with your farmer hubby either. It's all about compromise. Make sure he has plenty of time to fit in 'farm jobs', and stay somewhere where he can still 'get outside'. Try to fit in a game of football or cricket, and stock up on beer and steak. And never mention how much anything costs... but always tell him about that little bargain you scored, or how much money you just saved. 

It's all in a day's work. Or a weekend get away as the case may also be... 

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  1. LOL...Yes it is all about how much money you saved...not spent.....


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