Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Survive on A Farm (Tips from someone who knows nothing about it). Part 9: Buy Yourself A Blue Shirt

In my experience, the only real uniform of the farmer is a blue shirt (usually of the RB Sellars variety) and jeans. Then you can add in the akubra hat, boots, knife belt, sock guards etc etc. And the 'official' after hours uniform of jeans (true blue jeans are moleskins), a collared shirt, leather belt and RM Williams boots. Recreational clothes are anything RM.

Recently, on Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Kieran sported an exceptionally BRIGHT pink shirt. This sported some discussion about 'true farmers'. And I'll put this out there... REAL FARMERS don't wear bright pink work shirts.

Blue Shirts - YES.

Pink Shirt - YES - only as a 'good' shirt.

This pink - NO. But surprisingly, red is also completely acceptable. Just not pink apparently...
Blue Shirt - Much more ruggedly handsome.
Before writing this post, I did some research. I went to the RB Sellars website to check the availability of stock. And, unsurprisingly, many sizes were out of blue stock, but ALL sizes were well supplied if it was pink you were after. An updated search has discovered that they don't actually even stock the pink anymore! I rest my case...

To continue my survey on the topic, I questioned local farmers on whether or not they would wear pink workshirts. With a whopping 100% support rating, 'no' was the winner on the day.

And in my final quest for clarification on the matter, I dug around to find pics of CP in hiw work gear to see if he had ever strayed far from trusty blue. This is what I have found...

When we first met.

Family photo - still on
Also with Akubra and knife belt in this one!
But all is not lost for the pink shirt. The ladies more than make up for the missing 'pink' on a farm. Out here we even celebrate it. This is from the Weengallon Pink Day (which raises money in aid of Breast Cancer).

Me and Leesa - all pinked up.

The decorations inside.
ABC girls covering the event.

They even wrap the building in pink!

The wonderful organisers!

But the blue shirts are a part of country DNA. It's what makes us 'us', the same way this...

... makes them 'them'.

Mind you, CP scrubs up nicely in a suit too.

But he's still more comfortable in this, when he dresses up. It's still blue, but it's not a work shirt.

And it doesn't matter where we go (elevators in hospitals, banks, the show), everyone can pick that he is from the country... so maybe it's not the shirts at all. Maybe it's the shoes...


  1. LOVE THIS! It is soooo true. My husbo even puts on his blue workshirts on the weekend. I swear if I let him, he would pack them to go on holidays too.

    But I must admit that both my daughter and I have the pink RB sellers work shirts and totally devastated to see that they aren't stocking them anymore.....:(. Blue it is then.

  2. I think it's the shoes....

    Lots of blue wok shirts here too.!

  3. Han, I think you can maybe still buy pink in the ladies section?? Hopefully... LOL

  4. Real men wear blue or kaiki, they just look the part better than any pink shirt, even checks look good.
    Great post, you girls look wonderfull in your pink hats and blouses
    Have a great week


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