Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in Australia.

Woop de doo!

I have already organised a card and little bits and pieces on behalf of our three young children (vouchers for 'jobs' that the children will be able to do for him), and they have all drawn little pictures for him too. We are not big 'gift' people in this house, but we are certainly 'thought that counts' kinds of people.

CP's day will go something like this:
  • He will wake up to a breakfast of sausages and eggs (no bacon - Mummy wasn't that organised this year), which will be served with toast and coffee tea (during proof reading, CP has reminded me that he prefers tea).
  • He will be allowed to sleep in, with little or no interruption from the children.
  • CP will be able to choose whatever he wants to watch on the television.
  • We might all go for a little drive or do something together at home or in the garden.
  • He will probably be able to have an uninterrupted rest after lunch.
  • I will prepare his favourite meal for dinner.
All of which I will do whilst I am sick. And then the next day CP will probably contract the same illness I have been battling silently for weeks on end. And I will be made to endure his bout of man flu in much the same way we will celebrate Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day everyone!
Happy Father's Day CP! Love from all of us!


  1. We're definitely a 'thought that counts' kinda household too. Ben saw the father's day special breakfast on Better Homes and Gardens the other night and said he'd be happy for that to be his present. Very sweet! I certainly hope CP doesn't catch what you have... everyone knows men get these things far worse. Last time Ben was sick, he nearly blacked out in the bath (he ran it too hot), then cried out, "I can't see!"

  2. We were slack, no Father's Day present here, except he did get a new Quad bike during the week, so he can have that. And I always get "I do that for you on Mother's Day". Pfffttt I can't even remember the last time he was HOME on Mother's Day, let alone "celebrated" it.


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