Monday, February 6, 2012

Anywhere But Here...

As a result of localised flooding, I have been isolated on our property for almost a week already. We can expect to remain here for at least another ten days and possibly even up to three weeks. I have been homeschooling two of my children, and I've even taken on one of my neighbours children (the only neighbours we can access without driving through flood water). It's not horrible, but I keep bringing myself back to this blog I wrote early last year.... (I have adapted it).

I am dreaming of this... a holiday I took to Hayman Island early last year.

How on Earth did I ever survive this island paradise? Hayman Island, The Queen of all island resorts. I was there with my mother, sister and my sister's partner, to celebrate my sister's 'very important' birthday.
And now I am back, elbow deep in washing, cleaning, cooking and managing three small children, rationing bread and milk, and already out of fresh fruit, and living on the canned variety. But I am dreaming about this (dreaming about boosting my Vitamin B levels that is)...

Getting my fix of Vitamin B... ahhh... lovely Vitamin B.

And this...

Not Vitamin B, but an important element in the rejuvenation process.

And this...

There might be banana in that drink - more vitamin B maybe?

And this...

Definitely no vitamin B in this drink, but soaking up the glorious Queensland sunshine.

And this...

Does it get any better than this?


I am a glutton for punishment though. Before I left, CP went into such a meltdown about having to look after the children, that I ended up preparing a months worth of food (which I left in the freezer, so that all he had to do was reheat and serve), I stocked the fridges, freezers and pantry, I left all uniforms ironed and ready to wear, I even arranged for a girl to come in and help with child care and baths and lunches etc, AS WELL as leaving this...

Seven pages of 'notes' (including, meal planners, rosters, routines etc.) so that everything would function as per normal whilst I was away. Compulsive and controlling, I know. But as much as it was for CP, it was also for my own guilt-ridden piece of mind.

At the start of CP's meltdown he asked, "What would you do if I just packed up and went away for a week and left YOU at home with the kids?" To which I replied, "Probably just go on as per usual. Except that I would have one less child, so the stress might be less, and I would have one less person to cook for and pick up after. In fact, if you were planning on going, perhaps you should make it TWO weeks to give me a REAL break, and try not to call too much, because I might be having too much fun! I might not even notice you are gone." Perhaps a little harsh. But my point was that I DESERVE a break from the hum drum of my every day life. It stopped CP in his tracks anyway.

I loved being away, but I was racked with guilt for much of it. Needlessly, I might add. The kids were all happy and healthy upon my return. I am loving being home with my family again. I missed them terribly, and I'm pleased everything is still running smoothly. The question is, would it all still be running smoothly had I not left my 'freezer full of notes'?!

In any event, getting away is good for the soul. I am a firm believer in the family motto 'happy wife, happy life.'
And boy am I happy. Happy and relaxed. I'm feeling energised and content.

At least I WAS, a year ago. But thankfully Queensland Tourism are offering a $5000 dream Queensland holiday, and by golly, I am certainly going to be in it to win it!!!  

So pop on over to the link above if you think you see yourself enjoying some Vitamin B on a fantastic Queensland holiday. (Thanks to Queensland Tourism and Nuffnang!)


  1. Your break looks like it was great and certainly sounds like you had a good time. You are better than me - I had to go away for a work for 5 days - I just left A at home, looking after K - by himself - no cooked meals in the freezer - no notes on what needed to be done. Nobody gave me notes when I got married and had to start working out how everything had to do run !!!!! He worked it out - they had great fun - and, I know it was only one child and probably more manageable than 3 - but they survived - as you say, it is the guilt we feel as mothers because maybe, just maybe, someone else can look after our children - not the way we would - but enough so that they survive !

    Have a great day and I hope that the flood levels drop soon so you can get some fresh fruit and can stop rationing the milk and bread !


  2. Not better - just more of a control freak! I had a fantastic break. I think we all need breaks like this every now and then. Am looking forward to my next one! xxx

  3. Thinking of you all 'up' there. From down here in a semi normal Moree.

  4. Oh those cocktails look great. Just remember, what goes up must come down. Hang in there.


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