Thursday, September 6, 2012

QRRRWN - River Of Life

This week St George has played host to the annual 'QRRRWN Conference', the theme of this year being 'River Of Life'.

It's only two days into the three day event and I am already having a blast!

So far the absolute highlight has been listening to Sally Sara talk about her time as a foriegn correspondent in Afghanistan. She spoke of how different life was for women in the middle east. She spoke of war and of hope. She is incredible down to earth, and very likeable. What an amazing woman! Sally also said that 'she would rather be on the front line in Afghanistan, than be on a first date!' Ahhh, you need to read my book Sally...

Another highlight was meeting the author of 'The Bark Cutters Wife" Nicole Alexander (and participating in a writing workshop run by her). Maybe now I am more inspired to put some serious time aside to try and get some quality writing done!

This is Nicole, Georgie Somerset and I.

And finally, I got to finally meet some amazing other women; women I have known in the 'social networking world' for some time, but have only just put a face to. I like it when my worlds cross over like that.

Georgie, Kylie, Bess and I
These women can all be found on twitter and on facebook, and are all advocates for rural, remote and regional women, areas and industries in various capacities. I urge you all to look them up (or their pages or blogs).

Georgie: #GeorgieSomerset

Kylie: Ask An Aussie Farmer , #4FarmersFutures

Bess: Tales Of A Cotton Wife , #AusCottonGirl

QRRWN: #Queensland_Rural_Women

I'm having a ball! Nothing like mixing it with strong, enthusistic women (and 3 men), who have a passion for people and agriculture.


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