Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going Viral

So I posted this picture on my facebook blog page last night. I saw a friend 'like' it on HER friends feed. I loved it! I had toy envy immediately, and after showing my husband, I then posted it on my 'Farmer's Wife' facebook page. Twelve hours late and it has gone viral. Not like VIRAL VIRAL, but viral for me. It has doubled my fan base, and has had some crazy number of shares, that are still increasing literally by the minute. All because of this photo. You can never pick what will do it when it comes to social media!

Maybe it's the kid in all of us, marvelling at something we know we would have loved ourselves. Maybe it's the fact that a father could do this for his son, and we like it because of what we want or have for our own children. Maybe we just think it's downright cool. Whatever. So many people have seen something in this picture that they like. And they are sharing it furiously!

Go figure! x


  1. This was on the Today show this morning. They're looking for the person who made it.

  2. I saw this photo going through Facebook too! I didn't realise it came from you! It's awesome!


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