Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This is a sponsored post, however I won't ever endorse a product that I don't completely love myself.

I'm not a Cider reviewer at all. My only qualifications are limited mostly to small children and writing. Having said that, I believe that also puts me in a great position to be able to write a review on an alcoholic beverage. I have a lot of experience when it comes to drinking alcohol. I'm also a marketers dream, and am a sucker for product placement and labelling. But as an average Joe in the world of Cider drinking, I think that makes me the same as most of you. I'm just like you.

I was recently flicking through Instagram when I stumbled across a picture of a pink bottle of cider. I had never heard of this beverage before, let alone set eyes on its external beauty. In all honesty, I'm not a huge cider drinker - bar those years at university where I consumed far more Strongbow than was necessary, simply because it was pretty much all that I could afford. At Christmas I sampled some pear cider and was pleasantly surprised at the sweet goodness that it offered. And then the pink bottle I was now presented with lured me in with promises of its delicious goodness too. The cider I am talking about is a Dcider.

Say hello to my new little pink friend!

It promises 'red juicy goodness' amongst other (pretty witty) things. I was not disappointed.

I took my first bottle out to the pool and found it to be sweet and refreshing, leaving a nice, creamy, after taste. It's a light coloured cider, (if you can be bothered drinking it out of the cute little bottle) and it didn't disappoint.

I made my way through the next couple surprisingly quickly.

And then there was the Hen's Party. I took along a few samplers to see what other people thought.


Win again!
And it was a winner!

If it's apple cider that you're chasing, then it's apple cider that you get. As a fan of sweet alcoholic beverages, Dcider is the perfect way to ease your way into the cider market if you're not already a huge cider drinker specifically. Even hardened cider fans would agree that Dcider is well placed in the boutique cider beverages market.

Sadly, Dcider is currently only available in a handful of locations around Sydney, NSW and Melbourne (this is expanding rapidly and could be different by the time of print) however their online store is well stocked, and ready to deliver around Australia - heck they even found me, and I am well and truly out of the way.

Still not sure if you're a cider drinker? How about you try it and let it be the Dcider!

So Dcider have been kind enough to offer readers of my blog a special offer. Until the end of April if you would like to purchase some Dcider online, please use the following code (listed at the end of this blog) to get a 15% discount on your purchase AND free delivery! (And please feel free to click on any other links on this page to check out more news about their product and origins.)

PS: If you want a real (read 'qualified') review of this product, you can check the Dcider web page, or even head over here, or even here.

Producer: Eling Forrest Winery

Country: Australia (specifically NSW)

Alcohol: 4.5%

Instagram: @dcider


Because the team at Dcider are so awesome, they are offering readers of my blog a special deal. Head on over to their web page and enter the following code at the Checkout when making an order, to receive free delivery and 15% off your purchase!

CODE: "farmerwife"

If you have any trouble with the code, let me know. x


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