Saturday, June 1, 2013

50 Shades of Blue

Long before '50 Shades of Grey' became a world wide phenomenon, we had our own '50 Shades' going on here on the farm.

Yes, this story involves zip ties, riding crops and a tall, dark and handsome leading man. Only this story is far more PG than the other one. In our version, the leading man uses zip ties for securing items OTHER than people, and riding crops are only used on horses. And my leading man isn't a multi-millionaire either. But it is love nonetheless. And it is '50 Shades' love too. '50 Shades of Blue'. My leading man doesn't do grey. He does blue. Blue shirts and jeans EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.

The first photo I ever took of CP. And he's in a blue shirt.

In fact, in most photos I have of him (unless we're at an off-farm function) he's wearing a blue shirt...

One of my favourite pics of him...

Even in a family pic...

At work...

Running jobs in town with the family...
But clearly the '50 Shades of Blue' is catching. I seem to be drawn to it more and more as well! Unlike The Farmer, who wears blue because it is his uniform, his comfort zone and his security blanket, I wear it to get in touch with my inner country girl. Whilst Beyonce wears a sequinned leotard to get in touch with her inner Sasha Fierce, a blue work shirt helps me to channel my inner farm goddess.

Brave enough to do some preg testing!

Mixing it with the boys...
And I can thanks RB Sellars for this! RB Sellars are the unofficial farm uniform. (Even though they cater for outback to ocean!) Farmers and farmer's wives (and other rural people as well) all around Australia are nodding their heads in agreeance. I love their stuff! And so do my kids now... and not just the blue stuff either! We're getting into the greens, stones, and pinks and reds as well!

Cute... even in grease and green!

So where am I going with all of this? 

Over the next week I am going to post another blog on RB Sellars, where I will be running a giveaway. So if you would love to score some RB Sellars work shirts, make sure you pop back in in the next few days to see how you can enter.

Here is a teaser...

Miss 6 in pink work shirt.
Miss 8 in light blue work shirt.
Mr 4 in navy blue work shirt.
PS: Now that you've seen all these pics, if you can't wait to see if you *might* win the giveaway, feel free to head on over to the RB Sellars page to get some great valued gear yourself. Or just feel free to click on any of the links on this page to head over and check out their stuff yourself. The more love they get from this page, the greater the chance of me getting more freebies to giveaway in the future! xxx


  1. already an RB buyer here, in fact just tried out their womens work jeans and LOVE them!! not too long and with the right amount of stretch (and not too low waisted or high waisted either, just comfy) I'm a convert. And I was even surprised to find they have an adjustable waist like kids jeans do which stops that gape at the back.

  2. Working shirt over $50, are you serious?

    1. Hi Lina - I just double checked the website, and no working shirt is more than $39.95. (And that's for the men's). Hope that clears it up! PS. They're even cheaper when you buy them in lots of 4. X

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