Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Care Package

What are the essentials a young girl needs when she first leaves the bright lights of the city to move to the middle of nowhere to live on a farm to be closer to a Farmer?

This was put to me earlier this week, and after putting a call out on my Facebook page, I have compiled a list of the most essential items to take with you on your foray onto a farm.

In no particular order:

1. Bug spray. Especially fly spray. And if you can find one that either sprays automatically, or one of those electric zapper fancy-schmancy ones, even better. (And mouse traps too. Yuck.)

2. A subscription to Queensland’s premier rural newspaper, the QCL. (If not just for the Horoscope page, it is also a great source of information for people with an interest in all things ‘country’.)

The Horoscope page in the QCL is my personal favourite... if I do say so myself...

3. A laminated copy of a map of the property. Oh the times I could have used one of those in the beginning. Or even recently. Okay… it’s still very handy. I keep about 3 copies around our place… and one in the car.

4. The local publican’s number. You will be able to find almost anyone you are chasing at this number. Or someone who knows the whereabouts of the person you are chasing. Unlike other businesses in town, they will happily part with this information.

5. Hand cream. You can kiss goodbye to baby smooth skin.

6. A shovel. The legal equivalent of a shot gun. You’ll know why you need it, as soon as you need it.

7. Alcohol and chocolate – very handy for those moments when the internet is on the blink and or the power is out: which will happen. Frequently. And trust me, you want to have this in spades at home. It’s a long way into town if you’re short on your supply.

8. Gumboots and Napisan. It doesn’t always rain, but when it does, you’ll know all about it. Especially if you live on red soil; hence the Napisan. Also, don’t pack white. It has a short shelf life out here.

9. A good hat and sunscreen. You’ve never encountered real sun until you’ve headed out into some of those far flung places in Australia.

10. A beer stubby. It’s worse than hot for about 8 months of the year out here. You’ll be happier with a cold beverage.


  1. 11. Regular orders of wine! (As much for the unscheduled - and scheduled - visitors as for the hosts. Alright, for the hosts mostly!)

    12. Jeans, jeans and more jeans. (Summer or winter, regardless of the job!)

    13. A good camera. No-one will believe you unless you have evidence of the snake/rain/fire/shenanigans.

    Amanda (BB of Oz)

  2. Add mosquito net to the list, it matches in well with the bug spray. Boots, or sturdy shoes of some type. I also agree with Bush Babe's additions, particularly the camera :) I'm trying to think of what was on my essentials list when going bush but I've forgotten already. It must be time to head west again.


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