Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Will Help Him In The Big Smoke?


5 things every country boy needs in the city

This week we are off to the city with the children. We have a family christening to attend, and even though I would have happily driven down a week ago and made the most of a city get away, The Farmer and I made a happy compromise (after an intense round of ‘paper, scissors, rock’) and agreed to head down later this week. I’ve mentioned before how The Farmer gets nervous when he leaves the farm. He’s always been this way, so I can’t really claim that I never saw this coming.

It got me thinking about what would make the trip to the city easier on a country boy? (Especially for those still in the dating phase of the relationship). Here are some of the things I think would make a country boy’s time in the city a little less painful.

1.      A Go Card for public transport or a reliable taxi company number. Country boys and city driving can often present a set of problems that can easily be fixed by taking public transport whenever possible.

2.      A jacket/shirt/pants with lots of pockets. A great place to store above mentioned tickets, keys, phone, your partner’s makeup, cards, cash, lip gloss, spare hairbands, purse/wallet etc etc.

3.      The name of a recommended good watering hole. (And preferably one where you can get a good feed and a drink). For my Farmer that meant somewhere that sold red meat and cold beer. Also a map detailing locations of key sporting venues and above mentioned watering holes would be useful too.

4.      Town boots. That means ones that don’t have steel caps. Especially if getting to your city destination involves travel on a plane. Also, farm boots aren’t practical at a beach, cinema or numerous other city locations you guys may find your way to.

5.      An exit: the quickest easiest way. The Farmer informs me that every visit to the city needs to be prefaced with an expected departure time, as (presumably) the farm can’t function without him.

A smart phone would probably solve most of these essential item dilemmas, however back in the days of dating The Farmer, that was neither practical or even possible. These days, The Farmer still likes to take the same items to the city with him, and he still doesn’t have a smart phone to help him out either. But we are working on it! And we WILL have fun in the city while we are here regardless.

Did I miss anything?

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