Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day For Mums

My children tell me daily that they love me 'more than the trees'. (A cute reference to how many trees they perceive there as being in the world). And today is supposed to be a day to pay tribute to me. Their earth mother. Actually, scratch that... just their actual mother.

I've never been big on 'occasions'. I love Christmas. I love the noise, the celebration, the time with family, the food, the time off. And if I am being entirely truthful, I actually do enjoy birthdays and Easter as well. I am a 'giver' by nature. Don't get me wrong. I like doing my fair share of taking too! But I get more of a kick out of doing things for others, and especially my kids.

I believe I may even have blogged once upon a time about how CP isn't big on gifts. Maybe that's the REAL reason I enjoy giving so much??

And so today was Mothers Day. I almost forgot. Thank goodness for teachers everywhere who send my little babies home armed with priceless treasures they have been concocting at school and Kindy.

My day started with Olivia entering my room and announcing loudly, "Oh my goodness! It's Mothers Day! You stay RIGHT THERE while I get you breakfast in bed! What do you want?"

I smiled sneakily and declared "Pancakes please!"

Olivia's jaw dropped and her right eyebrow raised questioningly. "Really?"

"No, of course not silly! Peanut butter on toast and a glass of juice would be fine." Actually, I'm not big on breakfast, but I was so excited about the prospect of Olivia getting it for me, that I would have probably eaten the cereal box, if she had served me that.

"And what would you like for Mothers Day, Mum?" Olivia seemed keen on making my day perfect.

"12 hours of solid, uninterrupted peace and quiet, please."

And again Olivia's jaw dropped and her eyebrow raised quizzically...

"Okay. Just a cuddle would be fine." I believe that's called compromise.

When Darcy and Sam awoke, I was set upon with cards and flowers picked from Granny's garden and cuddles. With a little help from Sara (au pair) during the day, I was also presented with a lovely short story (illustrated by Olivia, and partially written by Olivia too), and a gorgeous heart shaped cake. It was truly beautiful.

And then reality set in. I had piles of laundry to do, rooms to clean, floors to sweep, vacuum and mop. And Mothers Day was forgotten. But like I said... I'm not big on 'occasions', so technically there is nothing really to complain about. As I cleaned, and washed and folded and put away, I dreamed of an hour spent lying on a fold away massage bed. Hot rocks, essential oils, and gentle music playing in the background. In reality, children cried, fought and complained.

Tonight I am up later than usual. I am enjoying the serenity. I had the most wonderful dinner with my amazing family. I still dream of hot rocks, essential oils and gentle music, but I am incredibly satisfied with my little piece of farming paradise. My children tell me on a daily basis (and Darcy on a 100 x daily basis) that they love me 'more than the trees'. They are the three most amazing things to ever happen to me. They are little miracles. And even though I will always dream of a relaxing massage, I wouldn't swap my children for all the trees in the world.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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  1. Hello - Just to let you know I have linked to your Farmer Probably Just Wants A Shag post.

    Love your blog too by the way. Hope things are going well for you!


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