Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BACK TO SCHOOL! (And a Giveaway!)

Want to win a $50 Stuck On You voucher for all your Back To School needs?
I was given a bunch of awesome things by Stuck on You to review, but the good news is that I actually use this stuff anyway, and I have something to give away to one lucky reader too!

I love school holidays!

Yes, there are fights, and more fights, and DEAR LORD WHY CAN'T YOU KIDS JUST GET ALONG ALREADY???!!! But holidays also mean that I don't have to pack lunches every day, bed times are flexible, and I get to hang out more with my kids, and see where they're at and how they are growing from little people into big people. Plus they live in their swimmers/togs bathers (depending on where you live) so the holiday clothes washing is minimal... (except for CPs washing, but that's another blog).

But there are only a few more weeks of holidays left, and now I am faced with the sad prospect of having to cover books and label... well, EVERYTHING!!!! Because as anyone with kids knows,  if you don't have your name on it, you'll never see it again once your kids enter the school gates, and then the school will call you and ask you to replace all your missing items.... *sigh*

Regardless, I am still faced with the prospect of BACK TO SCHOOL craziness, no matter how hard I resist it...

Every year (without fail) I invest in some Stuck on You products. Mostly I just go with the Family Value Pack, and a few extras, but over the last few years, their products have expanded to include some really awesome new things.

How about these:

1. (Kids) Art Smocks and Aprons - labelled! How cute?

My number two child loves her art, but two of her uniforms were permanently ruined by 'unremovable paint' last year? This year I am prepared! Bring on art!

Creativity never looked so cute!And cooking! My eldest is going to have a blast in this apron, and she already feels very special having her name on it. No fights over who owns these! These babies are seriously durable, and will see my kids through any adventure in the kitchen or art room. I'm so excited about them it's not funny!

2. Mini Pencil/Name Labels - for clothes, books, pencils, pens, shoes, lunchboxes, drink bottles, hats, bags... YOU NAME IT! Stuck on You have thought of everything! I am obsessed. If something in this house sits still for long enough, I'll be sure to label it. And I sure as heck fire will be getting all of our belongings back at the end of the year at this rate! The FAMILY PACK consists of school, clothing and shoe labels. I usually get one of these every year!

3. Bag tags - See the green backhoe above centre? So cute! Say no more... My little fella is proud as punch of his bag tag!

Given my domestically challenged personality, the good news is that if I can affix these labels and what not, then you will have no trouble whatsoever! Easy peasy!

And really, how cute are Stuck on You designs? You can personalise them for your own children.

Did you know that Stuck on You also sell a range of other cool things including (but not limited to):
* Towels and bags
* Lunch boxes, drink bottles and other school paraphernalia
* Calendars and diaries
* Household items like laundry bags and clothing
* Embroidery on items (like cushions, towels etc).
* Stationery and invitations
* Photo books
* Gift ideas
* Puzzles!

I highly recommend going and checking out the page. In fact you can find them at any of these social media links, where you can also score great giveaways and discounts!
Google+ - Okey.

One lucky reader will score a $50 Stuck on You voucher to spend on whatever goodies they like! All you need to do is tell me your favourite Stuck on You product either in the comments below, or on my facebook page. And don't worry if you are already organised and have stocked up on labels! They make great gifts or you can save them for next year!

Giveaway Conditions

1. Judges decision is final. Winner will be drawn randomly.
2. Giveaway closes Sunday 9am EST. 20/01/13.
3. Competition only open to residents of Australia.
4. You will need to check back on here or on my facebook page on Sunday to see if you are a winner, and if you don't get back to me by Monday morning, I will do a redraw.

*Disclaimer - this is a gifted post*


  1. woohoo lucky first entrant. I love the stuck on you labels just ordered some more last night. I think I may have to get the art smock for DD as well.

  2. Mine is very boring but just the normal name labels. They are so versatile. I still haven't bought any for my 20 month old. Her big borther and sister have them. Actually I have olmost run out of theirs too. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Perfect timing - I'm almost out of labels! I'm in love with the art smock. My daughter also enjoys her artwork and destroys her clothes :(

  5. I love the clothing labels. I just did my order from them but could do with some new water bottles!

  6. I just love their personalised lunchboxes and drink bottles- they never need go missing again! :)

  7. My little ones loved the Wooden Name puzzles Santa brought them!!

    1. Congrats Crystal! I am emailing you now! You are the lucky winner! x

    2. Thanks so much!! So exciting! Such perfect timing!

  8. For home use.... I like silicon placemat in blue colour with outer space design for my son as it will motivate my fussy eater to sit at the dinning table during meal time.

    For kinder use...I like drink bottle with retro robot design with my son's name on it in cocoa font.It will be very easy to spot among other drink bottles at kinder.

  9. I love the personalised towels and of course all the labels for back to school

  10. School pack is my favourite product because it includes lunch box, pencil case and drink bottle and all of them can be customised in beautiful designs of our choice.These are value for money and are essential items for back to school.

  11. I love the pink and white striped towel, with my daughters name sewn on it, I bet it would last through years of school swimming lessons without getting lost! My daughter would love it too!!

    Kim m


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