Sunday, January 20, 2013

Before and After - Wet and Dry Seasons

The last 3 summers here on the farm have all been wet. Things have been lush and green and life has been good. And now we find ourselves in a position where moisture is scarce. We need rain desperately. And here is the proof:

The top photo was taken this time last year. We were cut off from returning to school at this point. The bottom one was taken last week. Same place.

The top photo was taken last week. Looking out from our front verandah. The bottom photo was the same location last year.

The top photo is our back yard last week. The grass is sying in patches even with constant watering. The two weeks of 40+ degree heat has taken its toll. The bottom picture was last year. Lush.
So please do a rain dance for us. Some places are even worse, but we could really use some rain! x


  1. Wow such a difference! Doing a rain dance now!

  2. I live in the middle of the North West Rain forest on vancouver Island in a valley the traps the rain clouds. we call the rain 'sunshine' just to make us feel brighter;) (July and August however are scorching hot). If I could pack it up and send it your way I really would for a week.

  3. We're in the same position Jess.
    Next week I'm told, next week.
    Fingers crossed.

  4. I am dancing too. It is much the same here (western NSW). Many property owners are chasing pumps and bores to keep the water up to the stock in the hot weather and the gardens are all a little weary.
    I heard talk of a drought cycle again and it just made me feel sad! It hasn't been long enough since the last one...

  5. Found you from Instagram (milliedav). Are you still doing a rain dance or do you have floods? Not sure where you are. Hope you have no floods.

    1. Hi! Still doing a rain dance, even though it's showered today and has been much cooler. No flooding in sight... but thinking of everyone who is being affected by the crazy weather! Stay safe! x

  6. Found you from instagram (milliedav) Are you still doing a raindance? Or are you having floods? Hope not having floods.


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