Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hickory Hill Home

I get a stack of emails from people who want me to advertise their products, so it's always lovely when I hear from someone who has a product that I already adore.

(Sadly this is not a blog about how lovely bedding and linen and pajamas make my kids better little people.)

I'd seen Hickory Hill Home advertise on Facebook and had popped over to check out their gear prior to being contacted. What I DID know, was that they had some AMAZING gear. Cute homeware and clothing. Cute cute cute!!

Gorgeous bedding in classic colours.

And again! Simple, stylish and elegant.

Totally in love with these summer pajamas!

Cashmere beanies, booties and cable knit jumpers!

What I didn't know is that the two women behind Hickory Hill Home are country girls come city girls! Their classical, timeless designs appeal to a range of tastes. They also stock high quality bed linen and accessories which are both durable and affordable.

I often have people ask about the gear my children wear, and I only endorse products I truly adore myself.

And here are my little cherubs in their new pajamas. If you want to grab a set for yourself, they are currently on sale over at Hickory Hill Home. Go to SALE items, and they are currently only $29.95 while stocks last!

If only they were this cheery during the witching hour every night!
I'd like to say that these amazing pajamas make my kids happier at night, and sleep easier etc. but that would be false advertising...

Normally I'm just about ready to strap them to their bed and bribe them to stop talking and just go to sleep. Here, butter wouldn't melt!
They are still little monsters between 5-7pm. But they love to pose for the camera... maybe I should think about doing this with them every night?...

My muscle man! Arm freshly out of a sling after breaking his collar bone!

Hickory Hill Home stock a range of goods for varying budgets.

If you would like to register for their newsletter (go to their homepage at you can go into the draw to win a $150 voucher to spend on ANYTHING you want in their store! Sounds great and I am totally devastated that I can't enter!

To be eligible to enter the $150 voucher giveaway, all you need to do is:

1. Head over to Hickory Hill Home and go to the homepage, where you will need to register for their newsletter.

2. Leave a message here (in the comments) to let me know that you have registered. You will need to leave your real name in my comments as well (so we can cross reference registrations). *

* If you can't leave a message here, pop over to my facebook page and send me a message to let me know!

That's it! In two weeks I will contact the randomly selected winner to pass on the $150 voucher! EASY!

Good luck! (And seriously - those winter pajamas are AMAZING! Just saying...)

Judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into. Competition closes Thursday 22nd August, at 8pm EST. Competition open only to Australian residents.


  1. Registered :) Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Congratulations Amber! You are the winner! Can you please email me at to find out details on how to claim your prize! x

  2. Oooh - Hickory Hill looks fabulous!


    Tracey Mackie :)

  3. Registered. What lovely things they have in store.

  4. registered! fingers crossed!! leticia jukes :)

  5. Registered! Cheers, Sueanne Gregg :-)


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