Friday, August 23, 2013

Poddy Lambs

When I first moved out west I thought people were calling PODDY lambs, POTTY lambs, and I couldn't (for the life of me) figure out why!

The origins of the word 'poddy' are officially unknown, however what is known is that it is English in origin, and stemmed from the UK around 1890-1895.

In any event, it's an orphaned animal, pertaining especially to lambs.

Sadly, there are times when a ewe will walk away from her baby/babies. This is especially common when the weather is 'drought-y'. The mother is often too weak to support her young, and will, quite literally, walk away from her babies. It's a sad fact of nature, and farmers do their best to make sure it doesn't happen.

Short of destocking, the only real option that will ensure a poddy lamb's survival is to hand rear it. This is a times consuming and expensive option, and can make selling the animal much harder to do at a later date. Poddy lambs are often given names, and become a much loved family pet. Much loved, but also a hidden cost in a drought.

Some farmers do it on a larger scale. Next door to where we live, they are currently caring for 10 poddy lambs. I posted these images on my blog facebook page, but for everyone else, here they are!

Enjoy. Total cuteness!


You're welcome!


  1. We have 3 poddy's named Susie, Lucy, and Caleb. They are 3 year old cross breds, because we couldn't sell them after the kids named them. They are always in the wrong paddock, and still run up to the kids when they see them. Total pains in the backsides. These day we don't name them, and they go back in the paddock as soon as they are old enough to be weaned!

  2. Wow now that is a poddy feeder. I loved feeding the poddy calves on the station. It is hard though having poddies, like you said they become the family pet, the kids friends AND they always think even when grown they should come back to visit if put back in the paddock, especially when the next round of poddies come in and there is milk to be had.


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