Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Travel Companions

Right now I am probably recovering from my four day Inca Trail hike. Thankfully I have three friends to recover with. I haven’t spoken about my travel companions until now, and we are certainly an eclectic bunch.

I am a dominant personality. (What? You say! How unexpected!). I am literally and figuratively the organiser. I have little patience with inefficiency and disorganisation and as such have serious control issues. I planned this trip and I like to know how it is going to pan out in advance. Having said that, I’m also a Scorpio, so I’ll be the most emotional for sure. I’m a massive sook, and will be the first to spill tears.

I’m also travelling with my neighbour, Mrs B. She was the first person to jump on board my crazy plan of heading to Peru. Her personality type is more laid back and easy going than mine. She tolerates my obsessiveness by countering it with her fantastic sense of humour. She will have us all in stitches; but hopefully only the laughing kind and not the medical kind. Mrs B is an Aries. Aries are impulsive and courageous, so we might have to talk her out of taking home a Nazca Lines tattoo as a souvenir.

Dr E (who technically is a Vet, and is therefore only a Doctor of animals – a technicality) has also agreed to join us. This is her first major international adventure. She is practical and happy to tag along for the ride. She is possibly the fittest of the bunch, and could run circles around me with all her energy. But there will be no Nazca Lines tattoo for her on this trip. She’s far too sensible for anything like that. Dr E is a Virgo, and Virgos like to help others. I’m hoping that her medical skills play an important role on our hike when I am writhing in pain and whinging about my knees. Surely something translates between horses and humans…

Finally we will be joined by Miss Honey. She is the nurturer (just like her Roald Dahl counterpart). In fact she’s possibly one of the nicest people I know. Whilst she is the youngest in our group, she is possibly the most sensible. I’m relying on her sensitivity when I am falling in a heap at the top of Dead Woman’s Pass on the Inca Trail. Luckily for Miss Honey, she is also a Virgo. This means that she will really have no say in helping me; she will feel instinctively compelled. She will be like the camp mum. Having said that, I’m also dying to see how she goes after sampling the local Chicha…

I think we have a lovely group dynamic and I’m excited about seeing how it all works out in the end. Also, I don’t think I will cry as much as I wrote above. I haven’t planned for it in my itinerary anyway.

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