Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Times Have Changed!

How Times Have Changed

It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the country, there is always going to be an element of change once you settle down, marry and have kids. And (as I have written about before) I am all about embracing change. In just a few phrases I can neatly summarise how far I have come in that time (that aren’t topics I have already covered in previous pieces).

1. Snakebite:

                      NOW – An actual injury resulting in contact by a reptile with another living creature (presumably a human being) that sends shivers down the spine of all Australians, but especially those of us Australians living in an area inhabited by King Brown snakes.  
                      THEN – a well-priced beverage comprising of a delicious mixture of beer and 
coke that was regularly consumed in a poorly lit bar in the city, usually on Thursday Student Nights.

2. Dancing:   

                      NOW – something I do civilly at either weddings (or as I am cleaning the house). Usually I hope people aren’t watching me, but mostly I know that they aren’t.
                      THEN – something I only ever attempted after consuming multiple snakebites (see above), and usually only ever on a stage or table at above mentioned poorly lit bar.

3. TV Shows I watch:

                      NOW – ABC news, Landline, The Batchelor. Shows that are informative and educational. (And also light relief from the seriousness of other shows often seen on the ABC and SBS – both of which I love).
                      THEN – I honestly didn’t know that the ABC or SBS existed for any other purpose than playing kids shows.

4. Rain:

                      NOW – My whole life revolves around if and when it arrives, and in what amount. It is the life blood of everything in my life. I run outside to check the rain gauge in order to complete our rainfall charts we compile.
                      THEN – The rain only ever affected what outfit I was wearing, and how I would need to do my hair. I used to sit on the verandah and marvel at it during the summer storms when I was at university.

5. Conversations:

                       NOW – Almost all are weather related, or contain a small part involving weather. I can’t recall a single day of my new life where weather conversations don’t play any part at all.
                       THEN – I can’t recall a conversation about the weather where I wasn’t complaining that it was too hot, too cold, too wet etc.

When I think about my city life, I am often amazed at the 180 degrees that I have spun over the last twelve years, and at how well I have adjusted.
Do you have anything you would add to the list? Let us know.


  1. Shopping....
    Now: involves the local stock feed place, tractor dealer, ag supply shop and the supermarket last so the food doesn't defrost on the drive home.
    Then: was a pastime that had no effect other than to empty my bank balance and fill my wardrobe.

  2. Fashion:
    NOW - It took me a good 2 years in the bush to give in to peer pressure and purchase some half-button work shirts and jeans that weren't Sportsgirl Supa Skinny with pre-ripped knees, but now I dress in exactly same farmers uniform as everyone else (and the rips in my jeans are from legitimate wear and tear), including work boots and wide brimmed hat. Fear of aforementioned real snakebite dictates I wear jeans and boots even in the middle of summer.
    THEN - My wardrobe was a place of colour and joy and pretty fabrics, and I would rotate between approx 70 dresses complimented by dozens of shoe and accessory options. Fashion was a living and changing thing and a way to express personality - practicality a totally separate (and largely ignored) issue. I still have most of my old clothes, they just haven't seen daylight in 5 years!


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