Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's With The Frogs?

We have a lot of frogs out here.

When I first moved into our little cottage out here on the farm, the toilet was always hiding at least one little green and slimy surprise. CP managed to clean them out of the system for me, and we have never had a problem with them inside our house since. The photo above was taken about two years ago in one of the shearers quarters toilets. The toilet was having trouble flushing. 

I had always grown up believing that if you have an abundance of green frogs around the place, it is a fairly good indicator that the water is good. Yay for us. I'm still not a huge fan of the little critters. They sit on the window sills in front of my kitchen, and on all the handrails around the house. And they leave little brown parcels of excrement everywhere they go. They hide in our shoe basket, and sometimes in shoes. Nothing scarier than reaching into the shoe basket and grabbing a hold of a frog. I've always known to shake out boots etc. in case of spiders, but it is still a shock when you shake out your boot and find a frog. 

And if you've never seen one looking up at you from the porcelain interior of your toilet before, let me assure you that it takes a long time to shake the thought that it might jump up onto your bottom from your memory.

We don't kill the frogs out here. I'd prefer frogs over toads any day of the week. Even when (after rain) we have a mass explosion in frog numbers. They are pretty harmless really. Just completely gross and horrible to touch. 



  1. Gosh, Jessie, so many frogs. Reminds me of living in North Queensland, but there were never that many. The one that lived under the rim of the toilet seat I will never forget. Although I used to often forget about him when I sat and, boy, how I leapt when he little soft nose touched my bum. There was a darling tiny little frog, not much bigger than my finger nail that sat on my kitchen tap and had to gently removed every time I wanted to run the hot water tap.

    But how I hated those toads!!

  2. LOLOL... this post had me giggling! Ok, so there is a SERIOUS number of frogs in that photo - but I think green tree frogs are gorgeous. They aren't slimy at all! I wish we had a few more around here.

    But the toads? I'm totally with you there.

  3. You are obviously living in very healthy environment!
    I can't believe that photo though!

  4. I just found this post thanks to seeing where my own pictures of toilet frogs had shown up---low and behold I found yours!!! All I can say is that I am very glad I did not have this quantity or I would have hit the road for sure. No doubt the toilet had problems flushing!!!! Thanks for the chuckle!


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